Touring Superleggera

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder


The Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera coach building company has a history and tradition that stretches back more than 80 years as the first custom built bodies created by Touring – an Alfa Romeo and an Isotta Fraschini – were made in 1928.
Over the years the Touring brand has always been synonymous with elegance, quality and technical innovation: the ‘Superleggera’ (Super lightweight) construction system was patented in 1936 and consists of a structure – made up of thin steel tubes – that forms the body’s shape, with hand-hammered alloy panels covering the framework, adding extra strength.

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring is a two-seater coupé with front-central engine and transaxle drivetrain. Showcased at 2012 Geneva Motor Show as a full scale style model, now is coach built in the Touring atelier in Milan as a very limited series for discerning customers.